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A Sense of wonder...

Hello there... I am Aaron. Like most of us we either stabled into photography or we grew up with it. I grew up with it and always had some for of camera near me, I learnt on my dads old analog cameras from young and made the slow progression to digital, now in my 7th year of being a full time professional (still find it hard to say that haha ) I always aim to take time when I shoot and aim to find the wonder and warmth even with cold tones.    Based in the sun loving state of Queensland I am lucky enough to call the Sunshine Coast home.  Truly blessed to travel Australia wide for Portraits, elopements and weddings.  My work is all about exploring connections with whom I photograph with a keen sense of wonder. I thrive to capture that moment a couple can taste the ocean on their beloved lips... a feeling a movement.

We all have something in us that pushes us to photograph how we do,  for me it was my son cancer that pushes me and I learnt a lot along about what drives me. Yes it was incredible sad  but learning to see beauty in moments that come and go helps me create the images I do. If I could give one thing to anyone that comes to this workshop it would be to help open the doors to the feeling and thinking you have  get the images you want. 

Other weird shit

- I am an intense deep thinker
- Shoot a lot of 35mm & 120 film rolls
- I like intensely plan to keep my OCD in order
-Current favourite record - Keaton Henson 'Birthdays' 
- Love the mountains and the thoughts they create 

Aaron Shum Photography

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