Aaron Shum Photography


A Sense of wonder...

Hi there, Im a guy called Aaron… or thanks the sensation of Youtube A A RON! Fuck right haha hey I have a question for you.. have you every been moved by the little things? like touch, motion, breath, gentle kiss, how the light moves a shadow, how a couple you photograph connects, a kind word or just a plan sense that our natural sparks something in side of you? It might seem like a lot to process at one time but some times I find thats what drives me to create - I am a believer in single moments in multitudes.

I love this workshop, its proof of what can happen when you plant a little seed. In May 2020 I want to spark something in each person that attends I want to get film in your hands and get you excited about truing hard light conditions in to magic - LOVE - ELOPE - MARRY-

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