Barefoot & Bearded


I crave the different and unusual!!!

My name is Joel and I am Barefoot & Bearded. Not just in business, but in life as well!
Based in Newcastle NSW, but a worldwide traveller, I have had the privilege to photograph in many different countries. Photographing for 3 years full time, things have grown and happened really quickly for me which is awesome!
Primarily photographing with digital for most of my career, my new passion and drive is to pursue a film time photography career in film and analog cameras. There is something about the way film makes me feel. The nostalgia, the uncertainty, the rawness and tangibility all play a massive part in it for me.

I am an elopement and intimate wedding photographer who craves the unique and intimate approach in everything I photograph!

Other weird shit

- September by earth, wind and fire is my go to wedding dance jam!
- I love hiking hours in minus degree temperatures
- If I wasn't a photographer, I would love to be a chef
- There's nothing better than camping in cold climates with a warm fire and a case of Pirate Life IPA
- I crave high altitudes and cliff edges

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If you are lost, follow me...