Barefoot & Bearded


I crave the different and unusual!!!

My name is Joel and I am Barefoot & Bearded. Not just in business, but in life as well!
Based in Newcastle NSW, but a worldwide traveller, I have had experience photographing in many different countries. 
I left school to pursue Mining Engineering, but after 6 months I worked out the Maths was destroying me!!! I then picked up a camera as a hobby until my old man convinced me to pursue it as a career. 
After 6 months of commuting to a design college in Sydney, I left and continued my own journey of photography where within 1 year I became full-time! 3 years in, and still loving every second!

I am an elopement and intimate wedding photographer who craves the unique and intimate approach in everything I photographer!

Other weird shit

- September by earth, wind and fire is my go to wedding dance jam!
- I love hiking hours in minus degree temperatures
- If I wasn't a photographer, I would love to be a chef
- There's nothing better than camping in cold climates with a warm fire and a case of Pirate Life IPA
- I crave high altitudes and cliff edges

Barefoot & Bearded

If you are lost, follow me...