Bayly & Moore


“decade’s worth of experience traversing the globe shooting people in love.”

New Zealand-based photography duo Bayly & Moore are a Rangefinder NYC awarded team packing a decade’s worth of experience traversing the globe shooting people in love. With a well-regarded passion for analog image-making and the intricacies of the analog process, constantly dealing with the strong South Pacific sun has given both Sophia and Si an enduring attraction to heavy shadow lines, directional light, and architectural shapes.

Other weird shit

  • We both come from different creative disciplines - Soph from design and Si from music - and doing our ‘ten thousand hours’ in those other fields has enormously informed our image-making practice.

  • We’re pretty passionate about photo history and how the legacy maestros who came before us have influenced our output.

  • One of our favourite cities in the world would be Sarajevo, due to our obsession with Soviet-era Yugoslav brutalism.

  • We’re also pretty obsessed with helping people shift their thinking and knowledge around their art-making and business-practice from short-term to crazy long-term.

  • We’re serial entrepreneurs with a few well-considered business irons in the fire.


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