James Simmons


“I’m pretty much allergic to rich blue skies, mowed green lawn and people looking at the camera smiling unnaturally.”

Writing Bio’s are my Kryptonite, because it’s usually where modesty takes a back seat while casually claiming prestige by name dropping sponsors, listing awards for shameless self promotion in an attempt to convince you that I’m qualified to be here. So instead;
On my first ever wedding, I was walking backwards shooting the couple coming down the aisle and tripped over the flower girl. Yup, tripped over the Flower Girl. The Flower Girl was howling and I pretty much wanted to die at that moment. That was 10 years ago, I’ve stuck with it and learnt a few tricks since then… Still walk backwards a lot though.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Chicken Wings, Burgers and Craft beer but it’s a little bit fun.    
And randomly for some reason I always seem to tear up in movies when I’m on a plane, it gets pretty awkward when I’m traveling by myself.
I became a photographer so I could enjoy what I do, so the same goes for the experience with my couples. I’m all about the good times. Natural expression and interaction is what I like to explore and often gets me excited like a 5 year old on red cordial at a birthday party but mostly I’m chill. I dig the adventure, engagement and the connection you need to tell people’s story and am attracted to a moody, dramatic lighting, and love to Break The Rules. (of photography not in general, like I’m not a criminal, a grammar criminal maybe)

Other weird shit

  • I severely broke my arm surfing and thats how I finally got into photography 

  • My Dad was the Principal of all the schools I went to as a kid, yep it was tough

  • My Mum was a photography teacher at school for a little while in the 80’s and was introduced to the magic of dark room printing

  • I brew Beer, Kombucha and cold drip coffee 

  • I love British Bulldogs

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