Jess Tremp


“I like love. Love is ace bananas. Love is the glue.”

I’m pretty partial to country drives on misty days, late night spaghetti, finding beauty in the imperfect, gin, board games, modernist architecture, flakiness in croissants but not in people, jumping into the ocean in winter and the glass of wine at the end of the day.
I married my husband Michael in an old local bar in winter 2010 and over the course of a few years welcomed our boys Syd and Gray into the world. After living in Melbourne's inner north, we've settled in the Macedon Ranges (an hour north-west of Melbourne) where we surround ourselves with Michaels records and guitars, paintings and knick knacks brought from all over the world, a rotating accumulation of chairs (my weakness), duffle coats, gardening gloves and sun hats.
I'm usually one of the first on the dance floor, though my dancing style is more Elaine Benes than Isadora Duncan
As an exhibiting photographic artist as well as a wedding photographer I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call working behind the viewfinder not only my work but my passion. When I'm not shooting weddings, I find a lot of other things that move me to push that shutter button.

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