Jimmy Raper


wildy elegant free-range snaps!

I am a photographer residing In Paddington by the sweet purple Jacarandas, Sydney, Australia.
I shoot weddings all over Australia and am grateful to do a handful of international weddings a year. Before I became a photographer I was leading another life for 9 years as a plumber. I hated my job/work-life balance and just snapped pictures for fun. I never really thought about earning a living through photography, it was more of a passion of mine. It wasn't until I assisted a friend on a wedding that I fell in love and realised, this is my thing. Its the perfect balance and covers all aspects of photography I love in a single day.. Landscapes, portraits, photojournalism and storytelling.

Other weird shit

- Have a tendency to be extremely OCD….. and also a clean freak
- Routine is my thing and if it gets interrupted, my day is ruined
- I repeat myself a SHIT load
- I shoot a lot of film you can check this out on my Instagram page @blckchptr


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