Kelly Tunney


“the clarinet was not her way to fame and fortune.”

Born and raised in Canberra, Kelly Tunney originally followed a traditional path, but a couple of years working as a public servant soon cured her of that. After deciding that the clarinet was not her way to fame and fortune (no, that realisation didn’t come on band camp), Kelly decided that photography was her way to be awesome, and it’s been her life ever since. Her images embody the way she relates to the world – they’re candid, honest, fearless and warm; and they always manage to find the amazing in everyone. She secretly enjoys the rush that comes with the fear of pushing boundaries as far as they can be moved.

Kelly was recently appointed as a Nikon Ambassador (one of the first Females to be announced in Australia). She has a Master of Photography, with two gold bars, Kelly is a five time winner of the AIPP ACT Wedding Photographer of the Year and been twice named AIPP ACT Professional Photographer of the Year.
In 2015, she was the first Female to win the Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year. And was runner-up in 2016 and 2018. In 2017, she was awarded the 2017 NZIPP International Photographer of the Year, and gained First Place at WPPI in the Wedding Creative Category last year.

In 2013, Kelly co-created, with Dan O’Day a wedding collective, All Grown Up Weddings and in 2017, together with James Simmons, she launched a comprehensive, Australia-wide workshop series, Clarity Project.

Other weird shit

  • I try and play any musical instrument – played the Clarinet for 12 years

  • I’m an only child

  • I’ve only lived in one city my entire life

  • The first gig I ever went to, was INXS and I was 10 years old (life changed then)

  • I will watch (and enjoy) all sports on TV


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