Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia

May 20th - 23rd, 2019

Early Bird - $1600 (Feb 1st - Feb 14th) 5 available
Full Price - $1800 (Feb 14th - May 6th)

More details about this epic workshop!

What we do  

Different to other workshops we want to give YOU the power to let us know what you want to learn! Rather than putting our speakers on a pedestal and have a formal “lecture” format, we structure the workshop based around a few little talks where you can ask as many questions as you like and tell us what you want! 

Specific location

The specific area of this epic workshop will be held at Mt Hotham Alpine Region where we have booked an epic lodge (location is disclosed until booked) where we are super close to some of the most amazing landscapes! Don't worry, the location is easily accessible via a normal car.

What to bring

Sense of adventure, good vibes, obviously your camera gear, laptop, external hard drives, toiletries, ear plugs (depending upon your "snoring" roommates), snacks, water, own car or form of transport to location.  Acoustic guitar and singing voice optional...

What's included in the cost

The amount secures your spot for the duration of the 4 day camp, catering for breakfasts, lunches & dinners, as well as first class accomodation on the mountain and a heap of goodies as well!

What is covered by the speakers/mentors

Our speakers are full time wedding/elopement/travel photographers. They will be covering everything you can imagine!
They can cover aspects such as bookkeeping, client managing systems, client relations, marketing, social media, websites, shooting, post production, delivery etc. Just to name a few! 
Remember, the structure of what you learn is shaped by you! 
During the workshop the speakers are complete open books for you to soak up as much information from them as possible!

Meet the speakers

Anonymous Speaker 1

Anonymous speaker 2

anonymous speaker 3