Willow & co


Honest and down to earth...

Our names are Tim & Grace and we shoot under our joint business Willow & Co. We specialise in photographing creative weddings and always aim for our images to celebrate love and imagination. We believe in an honest and down-to-earth approach to telling wedding stories.

When we're not documenting weddings, we're out with our two dogs exploring the amazing landscape of the Blue Mountains that is our backyard. We're huge animal lovers and have an undying respect for nature as well as a curious fascination for the wild. Living and working surrounded by the rustic beauty of the mountains helps to keep our heads clear and our eyes and hearts full. Even in the city we try and find a stillness wherever we shoot so that we can really be present and focus on the moments that are happening for our couples, no matter how grand or small. 

Other weird shit

- Tim has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
- Grace is a dual Austrian-Australian citizen which always looks like a typo.
- Tim can breathe fire and ride a unicycle.
- Grace grew up in the NT and still thinks paying for mangoes is a strange concept.
- We're total night owls


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